Sunday, January 2, 2011


Christmas is all done and back to work tomorrow after 12 wonderful days off. It was great having a long break. I had nothing scheduled except for Christmas related visiting with family and nothing I particularly wanted to get done. Fabulous.
Food choices have not been great for the past 3 weeks or so but I’ve been working out consistently 4 or more times per week which I’m happy with. Curious to what the scale says, but I’ll leave that until tomorrow. I started doing yoga once a week which I’ve loving. Feeling more flexible and less stiff around the knees.
My husband gave me a bunch of fitness related Christmas gifts – work out gloves (I was getting calluses from weight training), some Lululemon gear and this:

Turbo Fire!
Very excited about this.
I decided to start with the prep schedule before getting into the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) DVD’s. So this week I did the following:
  • Fire 30 & Stretch 10 (fun and maybe a wee bit too difficult for my current fitness level)
  • Stretch 40 twice (love it!!)
  • Fire 45 (was supposed to do Fire 45 EZ but did Fire 45 by mistake – sweating like crazy but tons of fun!)
  • Tone 30
  • Core 20 (did this with husband who is almost done 90 days of P90X – he liked most of the moves and found it challenging)
I’ll do more in depth reviews as I go. So far though, its harder than my beloved Turbo Jam but has some of the same moves and the music is fantastic.


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