Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Burn Circuit 2

I'm trying to keep my diet very clean this week. But what do I do on my lunch break? Buy a package of wine gums. Gah! Could have been worse as they're only 150 calories, but still! I had all sorts of healthy snacks with me.
Finished the day with Burn Circuit 2 from Chalean Extreme and Extreme Abs. The schedule only has Extreme Abs once a week, but my core is really weak so I'm thinking I'll add this on to every CLX workout. Feeling rather sore today. I'm finding the Chalean Extreme workouts difficult right now which isn't surprising as I've been doing very little weight training since I started Turbo Fire back in January. So its good, but I'm missing intense cardio.
This morning, did HIIT 25 from Turbo Fire. So tough but I felt good afterwards. Followed that with 15 minutes of yoga, just doing whatever moves I felt like doing. Great way to start the day.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Long Week-end!

And it’s not done yet! Yay!
I took Thursday & Friday off work so I could go visit my parents for a couple of days. I’m also off on Monday as I’ll be working next Saturday. My cat was upset and didn’t want me to go.

Friday, I went to Curves with my step-mother for Zumba. This was my first time at a Curves location. The workout was a lot of fun, and I got to try all of the strength training stations in between dancing away. It was an alright workout – nothing strenuous, but I can see how women who aren’t up for a more challenging workout would like it.
Saturday, I did Fire 55 EZ in my parents’ basement. Doing tuck jumps on carpet = very different from doing tuck jumps on hardwood. I felt more cushioned, so was jumping higher.
I came back home Saturday night and started Sunday off with some Chalean Extreme – Burn Circuit 1.
As I mentioned, the other week, I don’t think that Turbo Fire will fit in well with my running. So to mix things up, I’m going to do Chalean Extreme three times a week and than 3 days a week of cardio, either running or Turbo Fire.
I really like Chalean Extreme – same trainer. Music isn’t as good as Turbo Fire, but I’m concentrating on the moves, so that’s all right. Burn Circuit 1 is 36 minutes but I added an extra 5 onto that having to pause to adjust my weights. I really want some Select Tech dumb bells, but so not in the budget right now.

Last week’s plan:
  • Monday – TF Fire 45 EZ check
  • Tuesday – rest day check
  • Wednesday – Fire 45 check
  • Thursday – 4K run, 3-1 intervals didn’t happen – I rested instead
  • Friday – Fire 55EZ Zumba at curves
  • Saturday – either Zumba or Fire 45 EZ Fire 55 EZ
This week’s plan:
  • Sunday: CLX Burn Circuit 1
  • Monday: Run 5K
  • Tuesday: CLX Burn Circuit 2
  • Wednesday: Run 5K
  • Thursday: CLX Burn Circuit 3
  • Friday: HITT 20 + CLX Abs
  • Saturday: Fire 45

Test Drives

Last day of my mini break – boo.
Scheduled workout today was a 40 minute run. I was going to head outside, but there’s still snow on the ground and its rather chilly so I headed to the treadmill instead. It was a good opportunity to test out my new running shoes:
I bought these on Friday. They’re Nike Air Pegasus 27. They felt great in the store and worked fine for Turbo Fire, but within 10 minutes on the treadmill, the bottom of both feet started hurting. Luckily, Running Room allows exchanges if they haven’t been worn outside so back to the store they go. I’ll probably end up with the updated version of my current shoes.
The other thing I picked up was a new sports bra.
Picture 551
The Fiona bra from Moving Comfort. Really happy with this. Very comfortable, good for running and the straps adjust from the front! What a fabulous idea! Kind of want a couple more.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


This is what I woke up to -
And it snowed all day long. Joy. There goes my running path. I was in my spring jacket on Monday. Today its back to puffy coat, hat and winter boots. Boo snow!
Came home from work and did Fire 45 and realized that I need new running shoes.
I normally wear my running shoes for Turbo Fire as I find they give the right amount of support. But after Sunday’s run, they were covered in mud. So I tried first my cross trainers (that I bought in 2007) and my first pair of running shoes (which the above shoes replaced in March 2010) and no go. My feet were achy and I was getting a pain in my shin. So on went the runners and than my living room floor needed a good cleaning when I was done. My plan is to get a new pair of running shoes to wear for outdoor runs and than I’ll keep these for Turbo Fire and treadmill running.
Speaking of treadmills (dreadmills) that’s where I’ll be tomorrow. Running outside in –10C and 10cm of snow = not my idea of a good time.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Unhappy Body

Whole lot of ups and downs this week-end.
Saturday, I had to work during the day but came home and went out for a run. I was only going to do 3K but once I was out, I noticed that my favourite running path was clear of snow! Yay!! So off I went.
I ended up doing 5.03K in 39 minutes at a 7:48/km pace. Pretty good. My goal is to be able to keep up a 7:30/km pace. As I increase my run intervals, my time goes down.

Sunday was not so good. I was feeling off most of the day. I did drag myself out for a run, just wanted to do 3K since I did 5 the day before. 3 was a struggle. It was harder than any run I had done in the past week. My pace was alright (7:47/km) but I felt wiped out.
When I got home, I pretty much lay in bed for 20 minutes. I didn’t stretch, which probably didn’t help matters. Just lay down gulping down water (note to self – take fuel belt no matter how short the run).
As the evening went on, my joints starting hurting – my hands, my knees, my feet, my hips. I was dizzy and feverish – a fabulous flare up. Not fun. I haven’t had one in a while. Went to bed at 9:30 and slept solidly to 7 this morning. I’m feeling much better now, but maybe I need to take it easy for a bit.

Week Plan

Feeling much better this morning. I took inventory of my joints before getting out of bed - no pain or stiffness so I sprung up and did Fire 45 EZ. Just what I needed. Fire 45 EZ is (as the title says) 45 minutes long. The main difference between this video and other Turbo Fire classes, is that there's no fire drills. While I normally like sumo burpies and "air jacks", it was nice to just do some kicks and punches.
Week Plan:
  • Monday - TF Fire 45 EZ
  • Tuesday - rest day
  • Wednesday - Fire 45
  • Thursday - 4K run, 3-1 intervals
  • Friday - Fire 55EZ
  • Saturday - either Zumba or Fire 45 EZ

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

2011 Races

Just back from a run. Its a lovely spring like day. 6 degrees Celsius and sunny. I really want the last of the snow to melt.
Today’s run:
Distance: 4.52K
Time: 35 minutes
Pace: 7:44 min/Km
Intervals: 2 min run/1 min walk
My goal is to increase my run interval by one minute every week. Was feeling good with the 2/1.
The last 500 metres of my run, I decided to just run, no walking, no looking at my heart rate monitor. I ran 5 minutes straight and didn’t keel over at the end. So I know that I can handle more than 2 minutes of running at a time, just not sure if I can maintain that though for an extended period of time.
I love running.
2011 Racing Plan:
Sporting Life 10K on May 1st. I registered for this after coming back from Sunday’s run.

Toronto Women’s on May 29th. I am clearly doing the 5K and not the half marathon (not yet, maybe next year).

Toronto Women’s 10K on August 27th. This was my first 5K last year and this year, I’m moving up to the 10K.
Toronto Women’s 8K. Again, I did the 5K portion last year. I really like this series.
And a marathon! Ha – just kidding. I’ll do the 5K portion. I’m trying to convince my husband to do this one with me.
Of course, this is all dependent on my RA staying in check, but I’ve been pretty much pain free for a year, so I’m sure it’ll be fine (touch wood).


Yesterday, I went for my first outdoor run of the year. I’ve been craving a run but I don’t want to run on ice (I don’t like walking ice so running on ice = no way) so I’ve taken the last 3 months off.
I just wanted to see where I’m at. So I didn’t plan any set run/walk intervals, didn’t worry about my pace. I just set my nike+ for 5K and went.
Happy to say I maintained a 8min/km pace and finished 5K in 40 minutes which is where all 3 of last year’s races were.
So the bad news – I didn’t improve at all in 2010.
The good news – I haven’t gotten worse after 3 months of no running. I really think my intense Turbo Fire workouts have helped.
Little sore around the hips and shins today. I guess my body needs to get used to running again.
I’m trying to figure out how to incorporate running with my turbo fire schedule. I’m in week 7 of 12. I was supposed to do Fire 55 EZ which is a 55 minute rather intense workout but I got 15 minutes in and my body wasn’t having it. My shins hurt, the bottom of my feet hurt, my knees. I really wanted to do the video (I love it!) but my body said no. Rather than pushing through it and possibly injuring myself, I turned it off and did a toning video instead.
I want to run 3 times a week, do yoga once a week, strength training and turbo fire. Unfortunately, I also need to work full time, sleep and give my body a rest once in a while.
I’ll have to think on this.

Monday, March 14, 2011


So what have I been up to for the past month??
Tracking food and exercise on Spark People.

Waiting for the snow to melt and spring to start.
Doing Turbo Fire 6 times a week.
Participated in The Power of Movement (loved this! Going to do it again next year).
Buying smaller clothes.
Harassing the husband while he's doing P90X.