Sunday, February 16, 2014

Marathon Training Week 11 - Recovery Week

Last Sunday's 21K was tough, both physically and mentally. It felt like a slog right from the start and never got any better. I was tempted a few times to jump on a bus to head home, but kept trekking along in the snow. However, I decided it was time for a little break so I took the past week off.

Les Mills Pump & Shred
My husband got me a new Beach Body program for Christmas that I've been enjoying. The biggest thing I miss about being a Goodlife member was the group classes. This DVD set replicates the feel and the instructors are a lot of fun so I'm loving it.
Monday was my first time with this specific DVD - it's a bit longer than the ones I've been doing and adds in a shoulder track and a lunge track. I followed this up with 20 minutes of gentle yoga.

4.9K on the treadmill.
Tried to push my pace a bit and managed 7.07/km which is the fastest I've been able to do in months. Followed up with more yoga.

Total rest day. No yoga, nothing. Felt good.

And it all goes downhill.
The plan was 6K on the treadmill, following this Around the Bay Treadmill Simulation. My hip flexor started acting up though a short way into the run. I considered pushing through it, but did the smart thing instead and stopped just under 4K. Followed up with some Injury Prevention yoga (maybe too late for that) and made an appointment with a new physiotherapist.

Another session of Pump & Shred. So many squats.
Yoga of the Day: 20 Minute detox yoga

I was going to meet up with a running group but I was still concerned about my hip so I skipped my run. Ended up working out with my husband who has been following Shaun T's Focus T25 program.

Shaun T tried to kill me.

25 minute workout but extremely intense. You're just thrown right into the work out. Really liked this workout so I might look at incorporating some of the DVDs from the first stage of the program.
Yoga of the Day: Qi Balancing Flow

Yoga for Runners. Perfect end to my recovery week. Back at it tomorrow.


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