Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Burn Circuit 2

I'm trying to keep my diet very clean this week. But what do I do on my lunch break? Buy a package of wine gums. Gah! Could have been worse as they're only 150 calories, but still! I had all sorts of healthy snacks with me.
Finished the day with Burn Circuit 2 from Chalean Extreme and Extreme Abs. The schedule only has Extreme Abs once a week, but my core is really weak so I'm thinking I'll add this on to every CLX workout. Feeling rather sore today. I'm finding the Chalean Extreme workouts difficult right now which isn't surprising as I've been doing very little weight training since I started Turbo Fire back in January. So its good, but I'm missing intense cardio.
This morning, did HIIT 25 from Turbo Fire. So tough but I felt good afterwards. Followed that with 15 minutes of yoga, just doing whatever moves I felt like doing. Great way to start the day.


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