Monday, March 28, 2011

Long Week-end!

And it’s not done yet! Yay!
I took Thursday & Friday off work so I could go visit my parents for a couple of days. I’m also off on Monday as I’ll be working next Saturday. My cat was upset and didn’t want me to go.

Friday, I went to Curves with my step-mother for Zumba. This was my first time at a Curves location. The workout was a lot of fun, and I got to try all of the strength training stations in between dancing away. It was an alright workout – nothing strenuous, but I can see how women who aren’t up for a more challenging workout would like it.
Saturday, I did Fire 55 EZ in my parents’ basement. Doing tuck jumps on carpet = very different from doing tuck jumps on hardwood. I felt more cushioned, so was jumping higher.
I came back home Saturday night and started Sunday off with some Chalean Extreme – Burn Circuit 1.
As I mentioned, the other week, I don’t think that Turbo Fire will fit in well with my running. So to mix things up, I’m going to do Chalean Extreme three times a week and than 3 days a week of cardio, either running or Turbo Fire.
I really like Chalean Extreme – same trainer. Music isn’t as good as Turbo Fire, but I’m concentrating on the moves, so that’s all right. Burn Circuit 1 is 36 minutes but I added an extra 5 onto that having to pause to adjust my weights. I really want some Select Tech dumb bells, but so not in the budget right now.

Last week’s plan:
  • Monday – TF Fire 45 EZ check
  • Tuesday – rest day check
  • Wednesday – Fire 45 check
  • Thursday – 4K run, 3-1 intervals didn’t happen – I rested instead
  • Friday – Fire 55EZ Zumba at curves
  • Saturday – either Zumba or Fire 45 EZ Fire 55 EZ
This week’s plan:
  • Sunday: CLX Burn Circuit 1
  • Monday: Run 5K
  • Tuesday: CLX Burn Circuit 2
  • Wednesday: Run 5K
  • Thursday: CLX Burn Circuit 3
  • Friday: HITT 20 + CLX Abs
  • Saturday: Fire 45


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