Monday, March 21, 2011

Week Plan

Feeling much better this morning. I took inventory of my joints before getting out of bed - no pain or stiffness so I sprung up and did Fire 45 EZ. Just what I needed. Fire 45 EZ is (as the title says) 45 minutes long. The main difference between this video and other Turbo Fire classes, is that there's no fire drills. While I normally like sumo burpies and "air jacks", it was nice to just do some kicks and punches.
Week Plan:
  • Monday - TF Fire 45 EZ
  • Tuesday - rest day
  • Wednesday - Fire 45
  • Thursday - 4K run, 3-1 intervals
  • Friday - Fire 55EZ
  • Saturday - either Zumba or Fire 45 EZ


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