Sunday, August 26, 2012

Midsummer Night’s Run - 15K

I shouldn't wait a week before posting a race recap - I'm having troubles remembering things. Eek!


Rocked out in my new pink Team Sparkle skirt.


I also covered my upper body and face with various forms of glitter- body glitter, glitter eye shadow and three different eye liners – hot pink, turquoise and glitter. I don’t normally apply make-up specifically for a race, but I was going for a sparkle theme so why not?

Met up with my co-worker that I convinced to sign up for this race. He was a bit freaked out by the distance, but left me in his dust after 10 minutes and finished 10 minutes a head of me.

The course itself was great – flat and scenic. It started off hot, but got cooler as the race went on. My cousin was running the 30K and we passed each other on the course – he picked me up, spun me around, set me down and ran off. Bit disorientating, but a nice on-course boost.

The whole starting a race at 6:45 didn’t well for me – I didn’t eat properly throughout the day and kind of paid for it during my run with stomach cramps. Slowed me down quite a bit and I was ready for the finish line. 


Finished in 1hr 53 at a pace of 7:35/km. I didn’t make any of my time goals, but this was still a better pace than my last half marathon (barely – 7:39/km) so I’m hopeful that a 2.5 hour half is still in my near future, but we’ll see.

At the finish line, we were giving aluminum water bottles and giant medals.


I think if I had run the 30K, I would have been disappointed that all 3 distances (5K, 15K and 30K) were all given the same medals, but I’m okay with it. It’s a serious piece of bling and the biggest medal I have!

Things I liked about this race:

  • Course – beautiful. Fabulous views of the sky line.
  • Giant medal
  • Post race party seemed good, but I wanted to head home so didn’t get any food or drink
  • Well organized shuttles that brought me to and from the subway
  • Festive atmosphere – loved all of the people dressed up for the fairy theme.

Things not too crazy about:

  • Time – need to prepare better for an evening race
  • That’s about it.


Will definitely do this race again, maybe with lower expectations and a more elaborate costume.


  1. I wish I could have been there! It sounds like it was awesome. Hopefully we can both make it to the Oct women's run and rock our Team Sparkle skirts together!

  2. Love the sparkle themed outfit! They're tricky to prepare for, but I get a kick out of night races...

  3. Great recap! Sorry that I didn't get to see you at this race. That time of day was hard for me too. I never run at night. Love your outfit. I'd have sweat all that glitter off by the 2nd km! LOL And you are right, after running the 30K I was a little disappointed that the 5Kers got the same medal as me. I worked my ass of for that damn thing! Haha!

  4. Great skirt, I had my green Team Sparkle skirt on for the 30K.
    I was disappointed that I got the same medal for a 30K. That was a seriously hard race, had to pass so many 15K walkers, it was exhausting since they never stuck to their right.
    I don't think I would run "this" 30K again but I may try the 15K.
    Glad you had good shuttle experience. My family didn't :(

  5. Hey haven't seen you around lately, hope all is okay.

    I nominated you for an award, check it out: