Saturday, December 14, 2013

Returning to the Yoga Studio

It's been a few months since I've ventured out to a yoga studio. Today though, I packed up my mat and headed out into the snow.

I've really been loving my home practice. A combination of a few online videos and websites  have allowed me to fit yoga in pretty much every day for about two months now. It is nice though to switch things up and join a class.

Some thoughts on Home Practice & Going to a Yoga Studio

  • I'm much more flexible than I was two months ago. 
  • I really enjoy a hot studio, especially on a cold winter day. I positioned myself by a window so I could watch the snow fall.
  • Most of the classes I go at home are audio classes, so I was able to follow the instructor quite well just by listening to them.
  • Maybe this was because of the small class size today, but I was able to just focus on my own practice rather than what everyone else was doing. That's not been the case for me in the past.
  • Having an instructor give pointers and adjustments makes going out into the snow worthwhile.
  • Yoga is much easier without two cats trying to nap on your yoga mat.


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