Friday, July 9, 2010

Week-End Recap

Started Sunday morning with a great 5.5km run. At least 5.5k according to my nike+ which I think is off a bit. The 5K race I did the other week came out to 5.2 according to the Nano.
My speed has improved since my race and the first 3K were a breeze. The last two and a bit, bit harder and I have to walk more. Need to work on that. The weather though was perfect – bit cool, sunny.
Only other thing I did on Sunday was pop up to the mall to pick up a new under armour t-shirt and try on some longer bottoms. I’ve built up a summer running wardrobe, but my little shorts and sleeveless shirts won’t cut it once it starts getting cooler.

I tried on the Run Fast Crop at Lululemon and quite like them, but I can’t justify spending Lululemon prices right now.

Saturday, the husband and I went to the CNE to walk around.
We avoided the chocolate covered bacon and the deep fried butter. I did come home with a slice of Irish Cream Fudge though (yummy).


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