Thursday, July 1, 2010


I've struggled with my weight my entire life. I've counted points on and off for years. I'm a lifetime member at Weight Watchers, but I'm currently 20 pounds over my goal weight.
I recently gave up on the whole counting points thing and started counting calories instead. I use Live Strong's Daily Plate to track my food.
On Live Strong, you enter your weight and whether you want to maintain your weight, lose 1 pound a week, etc along with your activity level. Live Strong gave me a calorie goal of 2088 calories.
As someone who has dieted on and off for years and was eating 22 points (about 1300 calories), this seems absolutely ridiculous. 2000 calories??? I set my own goal of 1250, figuring that my BMR is between 1500-1600 calories.
Yes, I lost some weight. But 1250 calories when I work out every day? Bit insane.
I recently started listening to Fat 2 Fit Radio podcast and they advocate eating the amount of calories necessary to maintain your goal weight.  For me, it would be between 1740 - 2500 calories, depending on activity level.
After listening to back to back episodes for the past two weeks, I'm comfortable now to increase my daily calories. I'm aiming for 1750 daily, adding in 200-300 more on days that I work out.
We'll see how this goes.


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