Sunday, June 6, 2010

Arthritis Walk and Lazy Sunday

I'm not doing too well with this whole blogging thing.
So let's review my week, shall we?
Last Sunday, hubby and I participated in the Walk to Fight Arthritis. As someone who has arthritis, I was pretty gung-ho to do this and so this is how we spent the morning of our 1 year anniversary!
It was kind of odd. Odd in that I really encounter other people with arthritis in my day-to-day life. But at the arthritis walk, I saw people who are clearly not doing as well as I am. Younger kids walking with canes, women in their 30's and 40's with crutches. I'm damn lucky to be doing as well as I am.
They had a table set up where you could fill in a "I'm walking for..." sticker. I crossed out the 'for' and wrote in "So I can keep walking". It was a pretty emotional day for me - surrounded by people who are struggling with similar conditions, and here I am, plowing through a 5K walk in 45 minutes. We got in before some of the people doing the 1K.
This Sunday, started my day lazing on the couch with some coffee. Work out didn't happen until 10ish - 20 minute Zumba DVD (love Zumba), 20 minute ab workout, 15 minute booty booster and 20 minutes of yoga (all on Booty Camp Ultimate Home Edition DVD ). Food has been on track today. Bought some plants (basil, cilantro and Gerber daisies - my favourite!) and re-potted them. Going to make some healthy hamburgers for dinner tonight and chill out.


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