Saturday, September 25, 2010

Island Girl 5K

Couple of weeks ago, I participated in the Island Girl 5K on Toronto Island.
Morning was pretty chilly. Took the ferry over around 7:30. The race didn’t get underway until 8:45.
(Yes, that’s me. Looking very incognito).
There was only 75 people or so doing the 5K. The Island Girl half marathon was starting after the 5K was done.
As per normal, I was pretty slow and near the back of the pack. It was fun running on the island. I didn’t feel like I was moving very quick though. I wasn’t feeling great for the entire run but I just wanted to do it and finish.
One thing I didn’t like about this race is that the route was open to the public. Which is fine when you’re getting passed by bikers and other runners, but at one point I had a truck behind me. Good incentive to run faster.
The finish line of this race was pretty cool. The half marathoners were lining the chute and cheering and clapping. I know they were cheering were everyone but it was a great push at the end. I saw the clock just over 40 minutes and thought “there’s no way I’m not finishing this race faster than the last” and booted it.


Time: 40:31
Chip time: n/a (not sure why I didn’t get a chip time but it didn’t take me long to cross the start line)
Pace: 8:07
Place: 60/75

My time for my first race was 41:26 and my pace was 8:22 so I’ve improved! Yay!


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