Saturday, December 10, 2011

Goals Check In

1. Increase run time
I've done 10/1 run/walk intervals twice now. The first time was easy, the second time not so much. My pace is slower than normal, but its a start.

2. Keep running over the winter
I was going to run this morning but it was -6, feels like -13 and I chickened out. I'm hoping to get some near (warmer) gear for Christmas which will make a big difference. Right now I'm running in a long sleeved top and a windbreaker which is good when the weather is around 0. There is a couple of treadmills in the condo gym, so I might have to break down to use those.

3. Strength Training 3 Times a Week
This is going very well. I just finished week 2 of the Push Circuit which is the second phase of Chalean Extreme. I'm feeling stronger and my push ups are getting better. Plus I have actually have some definition in my arms now.

4. Yoga
Fail. I haven't been to any yoga classes and have only done my DVD once. Maybe I'll get to a class tomorrow.

5. Loose the last 5 pounds to get back to my Weight Watchers goal weight.
I'm at my Weight Watchers goal weight. Very happy about that.


  1. Congrats on being at your goal weight! :-)

    I went running today in a long sleeve and windbreaker in feels like -7 and I was just right after a little while. Getting going was hard though! I felt really under dressed for probably the first kilometre or so. I don't think I would be able to manage much colder weather than this in that outfit.

  2. I am not a fan of winter running either which is part of the reason I haven't done it lately.

    Glad to see your strength training goal was met. I love the feeling I get from a good strength/weights session!!