Monday, February 27, 2012

Back on Track

After a few weeks lacking motivation, I’m feeling like I’m back on track.

Last week’s workouts:


Spent 40 minutes in the condo gym. Started with 10 minutes of elliptical trainer then moved onto weights.

I also went to a 90 minute Intro to Moksha Yoga class with my Passport to Prana. I say this after every yoga class – I need to do more yoga! I feel so good afterwards.

Monday – Family Day

My long run from the previous week. This was supposed to be 10km, but I didn’t really map out a route so ended up being just over 11km. This round of half marathon training I’m trying to incorporate more hills (and running up them, not walking). I’m also making a point to run more on pavement. Last fall I did all of my long runs on a trail and I was limping by kilometre 7 – I’m pretty sure it was the change from soft packed dirt to unforgiving concrete.


More condo gym time.


Treadmill. I was going for 5km but the treadmill doesn’t do metric so I stopped at 3.1 miles which turned out to be 4.99km. So close.

Thursday & Friday

Rest days.


LSR – 12.05 km. This run felt really good.


On tap for this week – 14km LSR, maybe another yoga class.


  1. I stumbled onto your blog from 2slow4boston's runner's database!

    Good luck at the Goodlife Half!