Sunday, April 22, 2012


I'm supposed to be lining up soon for the Yonge Street 10K. Instead, I'm sitting at my computer in my pyjamas.

After 3 weeks with a stress fracture in my left foot, I did a pretty good 5K run on Friday morning so it was looking like a possibility that I could run today. But I figured that running 10K on pavement might not be the best thing right now. Then I woke up with a cold yesterday so I think that my body was saying "sit this one out".

Ah well. I'm bummed, but if I ran the race today, made my foot worse and couldn't run the half marathon in two weeks, I would have been very sad.


  1. Oh no so sorry, there is always next year and hopefully it will be alot warmer. I froze waiting in my corral for the start, it was soooo cold! But its a great course so make sure to place it on your 2013 race schedule!

    1. Hopefully warmer next year! I am doing Sporting Life in a couple of weeks which is the same course so I'm not too upset anymore.