Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bikram Yoga

I bought a 25 class pass to a Bikram Yoga studio a couple of months ago from a groupon-like website. I’ve always avoided hot yoga, didn’t seem very pleasant. I don’t want to drown in my own sweat. It was kind of a whim that I bought the pass.
Than I put off using it for 6 months because I was convinced that I was going to hate Bikram yoga. Or pass out. Or vomit. Or both.
So what is Bikram yoga?
From Wikipedia:
Bikram Yoga is a system of yoga that Bikram Choudhury synthesized from traditional yoga techniques and popularized beginning in the early 1970s.[1][2] Bikram's classes run exactly 90 minutes and consist of a set series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. Bikram Yoga is ideally practiced in a room heated to 105°F (≈ 40.6°C) with a humidity of 40%, and is the most popular form of hot yoga.
So it’s hot, extremely structured yoga for an hour and a half.
I took my first class today. Brought my yoga mat, my towel to place over the mat (to catch the sweat), bottle of water. Wore as little clothes as possible. Stepped into the room and immediately rerated this decision.
But I stuck it out and I liked it.

  • The heat made me super bendy.
  • Most of the poses aren’t very difficult and because you’re holding the pose for quite some time, it’s easy to follow.
  • Wasn’t the most relaxing yoga class I’ve been to. The instructor talks throughout the class the entire time and at a rapid pace. It was like being at an auction.
  • There’s no variation so I can see getting bored of Bikram quickly.
  • I like sun salutations and vinyasas. Felt odd to do a yoga class without downward facing dog.
  • I was drenched in sweat.
I’ll go back again, maybe next week. I really want to do more yoga. It’s a nice break from running and weight lifting.


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