Saturday, August 20, 2011


Spent 5 hot sweaty days in Vegas. We came home on a red eye flight, getting in early on Tuesday morning. Completely put me out of commission for the entire day.


5 days of eating not so nutritious food and no exercise other than walking up and down the strip. Last year’s Vegas trip, I came home with an extra 6 pounds.

This year – stayed the same! Yay!
However it’s back at it now. Half marathon is coming up quick.
Thursday’s 5K run was painful. It was my first run in a week and I was moving rather slow. Than the 5K turned into “hunt for the missing fuel belt bottle”. While looking for missing bottle #1, bottle #2 fell off. I found bottle #2 and gave up on #1. I’ve been thinking about getting a new belt anyways, so this was a sign. My old belt was too big and I wanted one with 4 bottles instead of just two. Came home to find a 20% coupon for the running store in my e-mail. Score!
I set off with my new size smaller, 4 bottle fuel belt this morning. 11 kilometres later, I was home. Tired, hot, moving really really slow but pumped. This was my longest run yet. This time last year when I was prepping for my first 5K, I would never have thought 11K would be possible. Yes I’m still slow. Yes I still walk 50% of the time. I’m constantly reminding myself that I’m a slightly overweight 31 year old with rheumatoid arthritis that doesn’t have an athletic bone in my body and avoided the 100 metre dash at track and field days. The fact that I’m even doing this is enough.


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  2. What a great accomplishment. I too had the same piece just 2 years ago. I lost almost 200 lbs and got my life back. My Arthritis acts up now and then but I conquered. You will too. Slow is relative to your goals, you are faster now and doing more distance. Keep up the outstanding work and you will complete your goals.

  3. I used to avoid the 100 metre race and all the other races too. I remember the 800m race in elementary school seeming SO LONG and choosing not to do if they would let me sit out. And now I'm running 4-5 km at a time. It feels awesome and I can't help but think "who knew I would be here?!" every time I'm out. :-)