Friday, June 3, 2011

Week Off – Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

My week off is almost over. Very sad.

Monday was our wedding anniversary but the husband had to work so we didn’t do anything until Wednesday. We decided to spend the day at Canada’s Wonderland, a big theme park just north of Toronto.

I hadn’t been to Wonderland or on a roller coaster for about 6 years. We went on some of the big coasters, ate some bad for us food (including funnel cake) and got a lot of sun.
Thursday, we went to see Thor.
I enjoyed it, but I’m really into all of the movies leading up to The Avengers. We saw it in 3D – I’d recommend saving the extra $5 and seeing it in 2D. We only went to a 3D screening because it was all they had a the theatre closest to us.
I haven’t been eating great this week, but am keeping up with my workouts.
Wednesday – Chalean Extreme Push Circuit 2 & Abs
Thursday – Ran 5K
Today, I was going to do my long run for the week (6K) but I’m taking a rest day instead. I’m really trying to aim to get in one rest day a week, but I want to do strength training 3 times a week, running 4 times and some yoga thrown in so it’s difficult. But I’ve been feeling kind of off and sluggish all day so I figure that it’s good to take a rest.
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