Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Week Off: Tuesday

Another fabulous vacation week day.
The temperature hit 30 degrees Celsius today, with humidex up to 40! Bit crazy considering that it rained for pretty much the last two months and I seem to remember wearing pants and a jacket to work last week.
The husband is still thinking of doing his crazy Spartan race and has been meaning to do some running. He went out last week and borrowed my Garmin - he's fast. Much faster than me.
I was going for a run today so I dragged him out with me. We left together, but no way were we going to run together. He's been athletic his whole life, played numerous sports. I found every possible excuse to get out of gym class and mocked things like pep rallies and athletic award banquets in high school. I trekked off on my 25 minutes at my usual slow pace and he did 5K in half an hour. Still, it was nice to be out together.
I puttered around Yorkville which is a swanky shopping district in Toronto. Shops in the area include such stores as Gucci, Prada, Chanel. I skipped those and headed to the Gap and Lululemon. I had a wonderful facial (courtesy of a group buy coupon that I got a few months ago) and took my first trip to Whole Foods - I completely understand now why people refer to it as Whole Paycheck!
Came home and have had another relaxing evening.


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