Sunday, May 29, 2011


I completely dropped off the radar. So what have I been up to?
Had my 31st birthday!
My parents gave me a fabulous Garmin 405 for my birthday! I love it.
The husband took me on a post-birthday trip to Niagara Falls. We did touristy things, some outlet shopping, lost some money at the casino.

I registered for my first half marathon! Happening October 16th.
I'm starting my training next week.
I went to a fabulous Astanga Yoga class last Monday. Since moving to my condo, I haven’t done much in the way of group classes – I either work out in the condo gym, run or do videos. It was great to be with a group of people and I loved the class! Challenging, but not too much so.
In terms of my running, I decided to go back to basics - Couch to 5K. When I first started running last year, this is what I started with. I got to week 5, gave up after not being able to run 5 minutes straight and started doing my own thing. I did complete three 5K’s just kind of winging it, but between my first 5K last August and my last 5K of the year in October, I didn’t improve at all.
So I started at week 5 (run 5, walk 3) the other week. I just finished week 6 (run 25 minutes with no walking) the other day. This is definitely making a difference – when I go back to run/walk intervals, I don’t loose steam. I’m able to watch my heart rate on my Garmin and slow down when it starts getting too high.
Proof of the training working – ran my 2nd race, first 5K of the year.
  • Previous 5K PR – 40:17
  • New 5K PR – 39:36
Difference of 40 seconds but I just wanted to get under 40 minutes and I did!
I’ll write a longer 5K recap later.


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