Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Week Recap May 2 - 7

Busy week! Haven't had time or energy to blog.
Last Week:
Monday: Push Circuit 1 & Ab Burner Done.
Tuesday: Run 5K Was raining and chilly so did Fire 45 instead.
Wednesday: Push Circuit 2 & Ab Burner Done but started Extreme Abs instead of Ab Burner
Thursday: Yoga Ran 5K
Friday: Run 5K My birthday! I did Push Circuit 3 & Extreme abs instead of running (raining - again).
Saturday: Push Circuit 3 & Ab Burner I had to work and forgot I was going to a stag n doe in the evening, so no workout.
Sunday: Run 6K Did 5 instead.
I'm loving Push Circuit. I prefer doing one move at a time rather than say bicep curls with squats. I can focus more on the movement. And I love lifting heavier weights. I have a bit of joint damage in my wrists, so I need to be careful but so far, so good.
This week's plan:
  • Monday: Push Circuit 1 & Extreme Abs
  • Tuesday: Fire 55 EZ
  • Wednesday: Push Circuit 2 & Extreme Abs
  • Thursday: Run 5K
  • Friday: Push Circuit 3 & Extreme Abs
  • Saturday: rest
  • Sunday: run 6K


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