Monday, May 2, 2011

Week Recap (Apr 25 - May 1)

Been a bit of a crazy week.
Found out I'm getting a promotion in July. Busiest week of the year at work. Royal Wedding on Friday (loved every moment of it - may have watched it twice on PVR).
Ran my first 10k!!
I'll write more about this later. My goal was to finish at 1hr20 (8min/km pace) and I finished at 1:20:39! Super close! This was the biggest race I've run (15,000 runners). I'm super proud of myself for completing this.
Last Week's Workouts:
Monday: TF Sculpt 30 & Core 20 Check
Tuesday: Rest Done
Wednesday: Run 5K Did Fire 45 instead
Thursday: Fire 55 EZ Did Tone 30 & Core 20 instead
Friday: TF Tone 30 & Core 20 (this might be skipped though to watch the royal wedding) Actual: Completely skipped for royal wedding watching.
Saturday: Some form of yoga Rested. My joints were a bit flared up so wanted to rest them.
Sunday: My first 10K!!
On tap for this week:
  • Voting! (Federal election time in Canada - we seem to do this every 2 years).
  • My 31st Birthday! (on Friday)
Workout Plan:
  • Monday: Push Circuit 1 & Ab Burner
  • Tuesday: Run 5K
  • Wednesday: Push Circuit 2 & Ab Burner
  • Thursday: Yoga
  • Friday: Run 5K
  • Saturday: Push Circuit 3 & Ab Burner
  • Sunday: Run 6K


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