Sunday, April 24, 2011

Feels Like Spring (Finally)

Feels like spring!! Yay! Hopefully no more snow.
I lost two pounds this week so maybe I've broken through my plateau. Eating a bit more seems to have helped.
I finished the Burn phase of Chalean Extreme. I'm looking forward to moving onto the Push phase. I might write a bit more about my experience with the Burn phase later.
My 10K is coming up next Sunday so I'm going to take things a bit easy this week. I won't be starting Push phase until the first week of May as I don't want to try anything new prior to my race.
Last week:
Monday: Burn Circuit 1 & Ab Burner
Tuesday: Rest
Took the rest day - I was feeling antsy, but rest is good.
Wednesday: Run 10K
Ran 9.5K. So close.
Thursday: Burn Circuit 2 & Ab Burner
Friday: Run 6K
Did 5 instead
Saturday: Burn Circuit 3 & Ab Burner
Sunday: Run 5K
Ran 6 instead.
Next Week's Plan:Monday: TF Sculpt 30 & Core 20
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Run 5K
Thursday: Fire 55 EZ
Friday: TF Tone 30 & Core 20 (this might be skipped though to watch the royal wedding)
Saturday: Some form of yoga
Sunday: My first 10K!!


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