Sunday, April 10, 2011

Week Plan April 10-16

Last week:
Sunday: Run 6K
Monday: Burn Circuit 1 & Extreme Abs
Yes, but I've realized that its Ab Burner I'm doing, not Extreme Abs. I'll save Extreme Abs for next month.
Tuesday: Run 5K
Actual: Fire 45 & Stretch 10
Wednesday: Burn Circuit 2 & Extreme Abs
Yes, than did 20 minutes of yoga after work.
Thursday: rest
Ran 5K.
Friday: Burn Circuit 3
Saturday: Run 8K
Upcoming Week:
Sunday: Fire 30 EZ and Stretch 30
Monday: Burn Circuit 1 & Ab Burner
Tuesday: Rest?
Wednesday: Burn Circuit 2 & Ab Burner
Thursday: Fire 55 EZ
Friday: Run 10K
Saturday: Burn Circuit 3 & Ab Burner


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