Thursday, April 21, 2011

Practice 10K

Yesterday was cold, very windy, overcast, muddy - not exactly ideal conditions for a run, but I wanted to get in a practice 10K before my race next Saturday.
I set off going at a decent pace, but since this was my first time doing this distance, I slowed down a fair deal and took quite a few walk breaks.
I completed 9.5K in an hour, 25 minutes (I am a turtle). I was going for 10, but my route didn't work out that way. I had mapped it out on map my run but hadn't realized that there was a staircase at the end of the trail. Ah well.
I felt pretty good. My legs were a bit achey when I got in but I stretched for 20 minutes which helped.
Hopefully the weather is better next week.


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