Thursday, April 7, 2011

Running Break Through

I had a bit of a running break through today.
Two things lead to this:
1. I mentioned to someone at work that I’m considering a half marathon. He said something about “its all about watching your pace”.
2. I was sitting in the waiting room for my annual x-rays, reading a running book. The beginning program leads up to running 5 minutes and walking 1. I started thinking that I’ve been running for a year now, why am I still not even able to complete a beginners program??
So on today’s 5K run I decided to try two things:
- slow my running pace down for the majority of the run
- try doing 5-1 intervals instead of the 3-1 I had planned
The results? I ran 5 kilometres in just under 37 minutes at a 7:15min/km average pace. I normally finish in 40 minutes at an 8 min/km pace.
Best. Run. Ever.
This really proofed to me that the only thing that’s been holding me back with running is myself and feeling like I can’t do this. I’m 30 years old, carrying an extra 10 pounds, I have rheumatoid arthritis so why should I be able to do anything less than an 8 minute kilometre.
Well I can.
Score 1 for me.
In your face arthritis.


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