Sunday, April 17, 2011


- Had a non-tracking food day yesterday. I ate whatever I wanted all day and didn't track anything. Surprisingly, I didn't eat anything horrible other than 4 butter tarts (so good) and more cheese than I would normally eat.
- Attended a yoga show that's happening here. Nothing too exciting - if I go next year, I'd bring my yoga mat and do some of the included classes. I did pick up a Passport to Prana card which gives me access to a lot of yoga studios for a year. I need more yoga in my life.
- Did Fire 55 EZ today which was such a nice break from long runs.
Last week's Plan:
Sunday: Fire 30 EZ and Stretch 30
Monday: Burn Circuit 1 & Ab Burner
Tuesday: Rest?
Actual: 43 minutes of running.
Wednesday: Burn Circuit 2 & Ab Burner
Actual: did Burn Circuit 2 but didn't have time for Ab Burner. Ran for 43ish minutes after work (calibrating my nike+)
Thursday: Fire 55 EZ
Actual: Rest Day
Friday: Run 10K
Actual: Ran 8K
Saturday: Burn Circuit 3 & Ab Burner
Actual: Burn Circuit 3 & Core 20 to mix things up a bit.
This week's plan:
Sunday - just finished Fire 55 EZ and a bit of yoga
Monday: Burn Circuit 1 & Ab Burner
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Run 10K (dependent on weather - it snowed again today so who knows what'll happen later in the week)
Thursday: Burn Circuit 2 & Ab Burner
Friday: Run 6K
Saturday: Burn Circuit 3 & Ab Burner
Sunday: Run 5K


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