Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Taper Week

Taper week so far...

Sunday: 12ish km
This run was a bit of a mess, both physically and mentally.
I dressed too warmly for the weather so I was too hot. I started running out of water. I didn't fuel properly before hand.
I started thinking "I can't do this!! I'm a lame runner!" which led to thinking about my cousin who passed away in January and is my inspiration  - she would pick herself up and keep going. Start crying a bit.
Yeah, it was all over the place.

Monday: Strength training

Tuesday: 5km run
Felt better, stronger. Regained confidence in myself.

Wednesday: Strength training.

Thursday will be some sort of run, probably 5km. Friday I will do some yoga, Saturday will be a rest day.


  1. Goodluck at Goodlife! I am running it too!

    1. I'm getting excited. The weather's supposed to be great!