Saturday, July 20, 2013

Fall Half Training Week 3

Bit late with this.

Monday (July 8th)
- 45 minute lunch time yoga class with co-worker who just recently completed her teacher training. Outside in the courtyard, so a bit hot, but really great.
- strength training cut short due to power outage (which lasted 3 hours)

-4km's on the Belt Line. Couple of downed trees along the way

- Push Circuit 3: chest, back, legs and core. Making up for Monday's workout

- 3.44km in 24 minutes (6.50/km) with running room clinic

- 6.21 km in 43 minutes (6:57/km pace)

- REST DAY! So enjoyed this. I didn't even do any yoga, just ran some errands.

LSD with Half Clinic - 9.04km in 1hr8 min (7:32/km)
I stuck with a small group of other 2:40 half marathoners. Great run - having company made the time go by.

All in all, a good week despite the weird storms/power outage.

My Garmin mysteriously has stopped beeping (when I plug it in, for intervals, splits, etc). Can't figure out why and have yet to fix it. Must call Garmin support this week.


  1. Good luck with the Garmin. Maybe you'll have to reset it? Training is looking good!

  2. Just added your blog to my feed reader - love reading scotia training blogs! Great runs this week!