Sunday, July 7, 2013

Stride Box Review

Confession - I'm a beauty product addict. Last year, I was getting monthly sample boxes from a variety of different companies (Glymm, Top Box, Glossy Box). I've noticed a couple of bloggers talking about some subscription boxes for runners so decided to check out StrideBox.

StrideBox is a monthly subscription box. Cost is $15 which includes shipping in the states - there's an extra $5 charge for shipping to Canada. Generally I get my box about a week after they start arriving in the states. The boxes ship automatically (charging your card) every month unless you cancel.

I've received two Stride Boxes so far, May and June. 

May's Box
The box is packed full of goodies - a mix of accessories/gadgets and nutritional products.
In May's box, I received the following:

  • Just Great Stuff Bar (not a fan)
  • A vanilla flavoured gel (VFuel Endurance Gel)
  • Vanilla Protein Powder (Perfect Fit)
  • Sport Beans (used for a training run)
  • Cherry Cola Honey Stingers - Yay for new flavour. Very tastey.
  • Bonk Breaker Bite (Peanut Butter & Jelly flavour so gave to my husband. I'm one of those weird people who don't like peanut butter).
  • Blister Bands (2). Really should use this so I stop making the blister on my big toe worse.
  • Water Bottle Cleaner Tablet
  • Footwear clip for attaching your shoes to a bag. (Not sure if I will use this, but could come in handy).

June's Box:

  • Skratch Labs Sports drink mix
  • Almond Butter "Pocket Fuel" (I do like almond butter, just not peanut). I can't see eating this on a run. Think I'll save this for travelling.
  • Electro Delytes Energy bar
  • Power Ice Frozen Refereshing Ice Bar with Electrolytes! Such a good idea. Post run freezies!

  • Blue Steel Sports Anti chafe cream with tea tree oil
  • Lock laces
  • Foot Rubz Massage Ball 
I kind of love this thing.

So far, I'm pretty happy with StrideBox. Lots of fun things to try out. July's box started arriving last week in the states, so I should get mine this week.


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