Wednesday, May 22, 2013

2013 Race Plans

Now that spring races are winding down, time for a look at the rest of the year.

Races so far this year:

Next up.

June 2 - Niagara Falls Women's Half Marathon. I really wanted to go to Vancouver in August to run Sea Wheeze but for a number of reasons, that wasn't going to work out. As a consolation, I registered for Niagara Women's Half. It will be my first "away" race and I'm looking forward to a flat course.

June 23 - Color Me Rad 5K I first heard about color runs last year and kept an eye out for a Toronto Location. Found this one at Downsview Park but it sold out in a couple of days! They ended up adding a second date (which also sold out) and I jumped on it. Running this with a couple of friends. 

August 17 - Midsummer Night's Run 15K. I was on the fence about running this again, had some issues with running at night last year. Got sucked in with a free hat at the Goodlife expo. I'm looking forward to the new course on the Island - should be fun.

October 20 - Waterfront Half Marathon.

Other races on my radar - Maybe a 5K in late October or November. I know I can beat my current 5K PR and want to make it official. I'm also watching two other color runs for Toronto dates as I'd like to run one with my husband. Would have loved to run Mud Hero again, but the date doesn't work.

Anyone running any interesting races?


  1. Oh man I didn't know midsummers was moving! I was planning to do it again this year but am already doing the island girl half relay with my sister -- and two races on the island seems extreme for one racing season!


  2. Great plans Andrea! Good luck!
    I know a lot of people that got sucked in with the free hat, lol!