Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Spring Half Training Week 19

Almost there!

10.5km in 1hr16 (7:16/km) Humid!
60 minute Moksha Yoga Class - the instructor went pretty easy on us. I was dripping with sweat before we even got started. Monday was generally a sweaty day for me.

Strength Training - I started off with my Chalean Extreme DVD, but pretty quickly had some pain in my quad. Perhaps changing up my strength training three weeks before my race was not a good idea? Switched over to some upper body exercises instead to give my legs a rest. Did some foam rolling later in the evening.

5.42km in 38 minutes (7:02/km) - Leg started out alright, than really started to hurt than got better again at the end of my run. Cut run a bit short and headed home for more foam rolling.

Strength Training - upper body, core and more foam rolling. My foam roller and I were very good friends last week.

6.51km in 45 minutes (6:53/km) No pain! Leg back to normal! 10/1's X 4

Rest day

12.17km in 1hr28 (7:13/km) Beautiful morning! Bit chilly to begin. Was wishing I was running Ottawa or TO Women's Half instead of Niagara Falls Women's Half cause next Sunday is going to be HOT!

This week: tapering, resting, foam rolling, watching the weather forecast.

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  1. Great week! Good luck on Sunday, I hope the weather co-operates for you!