Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Spring Half Training Week 16 & 17

Week 16

Taper Week

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 5K's at what was supposed to be race pace, but ended up a bit quick (6:58/km instead of 7:07)

Wednesday: Bob Harper Yoga

Thursday: 4K's at 6:58/km Last race prior to last Sunday's half marathon. Followed by Rodney Yee AM Yoga - Forward Bends

Friday & Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Half Marathon!

Week 17

Monday: Rest. Limped around.

Tuesday: P90X Chest & Back. Getting back to it, but gave the legs another day to recover.

Wednesday: 5K at 7:04/km. Getting the legs working again.

Thursday: Bob Harper Pure Strength. Ouch. Legs hurt the next day.

Friday: 6K at 7:06/km. Rather humid out. Saw quite a few people wearing Sporting Life shirts from various years. I had my 2012 shirt on too.

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Sporting Life 10K. Race recap coming soon.


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