Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Spring Half Training Week 18

Almost there! Two more week until Niagara Falls Women's Half  and than I can take a break! No structured workouts for three weeks!!!!

Chalean Extreme. Taking a break from P90X and going back to my buddy Charlene Johnson for awhile. Workouts are shorter and include lower body moves with upper body. Burn Circuit 1 - lower body, chest and shoulders. Followed by Ab Burner.

6.08 km in 42 minutes (6:56/km)
Almost continuous. Took 2 little walk breaks and stopped at an intersection.

Burn Circuit 2 + Ab Burner. Legs, biceps, triceps, back, abs.

8.56 km in 1hr 2 min (7:11/km)
10/1's except when I completely zoned out on a walk break - that turned into a 10/3.
Followed by Detox Yoga #2

Burn Circuit 3 & Ab Burner - lower body, shoulders, ab

5km continuous in 35min. (6:59/km).

While I enjoyed switching up my strength training workouts, beginning to think that changing things up three walks before a half marathon might not have been the best idea. My legs were exhausted by the end of the week and I'm having some muscle pain today. Think I'll go into taper mode this week and next to rest up a bit.


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