Sunday, April 7, 2013

Harry's Spring Run Off 2013

Goal: 56min 57 secs (7:07/km)

Actual time: 55min 20 secs (6:55/km)

So to start, I'm extremely happy with my time. First time in a race that my pace has been under 7 minutes per kilometre!!

I ran this race with a bunch of my co-workers. 4 of us ran the 8K, 6 people ran the 5.

Pre-race I met up with a couple of daily mile friends. Nice to meet people in person.

I started out the race with one of my co-workers. We originally thought we'd be running similar paces, but I think I was pushing his pace a bit. We both managed the first big uphill on kilometre 3. He ran it, I walked it to save my energy. I think my plan worked out a bit better as he was pretty spent. We split up just after that.

Loved running through the park. Lots of volunteers out yelling encouragement.

The big hill that takes up the last 400m of the course was killer. I ended up walking up it with the intention of running to the finish line. My legs were pretty jellyish even with walking, but ended up crossing the line with arms in the air. Was very happy to have beaten my goal.

My splits for this run:

Km 1: 6:30
Km 2: 6:20
Km 3: 6:23
Km 4: 7:28 (took an extended walk break)
Km 5: 6:28
Km 6: 6:38
Km 7: 7:11
Km 8: 7:34

Clearly I faded towards the end. This was a good reminder for my upcoming  half not to go out too fast. I think I'll stick with the 2:30 10/1 pace bunny to keep me on track.

Happy 8k'ers
Things I liked about this race:

  • Swag: medal, great shirt and a beanie!
  • Beautiful course
  • Well organized
  • Not too big
  • Easy to get to by transit
  • Started at 10! Some of my co-workers were complaining about getting up early but I've never had a race start so late before.
  • Great volunteers
Things I didn't like as much:
  • Hills!! Need to train better for them next year (will definitely be doing this one again!)


  1. Congratulations Andrea! We should have taken a picture together before the race...

  2. Congrats on a great race! I've heard that the hills on that course are pretty fierce. Well done!

  3. Oh man, they gave out beanies this year?! Nice!

  4. Oh man, they gave out beanies this year?! Nice! and congrats on the great run!