Monday, April 29, 2013

Spring Half Training 2013 Week 15

Last real week of training!

This week I got back into my yoga, did some extra strength training and tried something new with my running.

P90X Back & Biceps, Bob Harper Totally Ripped Core (10 minute workout), Rodney Yee Ultimate Power Yoga - Power Foundation.

4km run, continuous. Decided to skip the usual walk breaks and just run at a comfortable pace - which turned out to be my goal half pace (adding the walk breaks back would bring it up to 7:07). I'm going to do at least one continuous run a week with a goal to be able to run 8K continuous by the end of the year. Followed by Ultimate Power Yoga - Sun Salutations

P90X Chest, Shoulders & Triceps - making some good progress on push ups. Followed up with some core work on a ball and a bit of yoga.

6K run. Beautiful morning out. Saw a couple of rabbits.

Three quarters of Bob Harper Pure Burn, Super Strength. This video is over an hour long so I didn't have time before work for the whole thing. This might have been a mistake as my legs were sore for the next two days.

Vinyasa yoga class at The Yoga Sanctuary. Really good class - challenging yet doable. This is the first time I've ever had Wheel Pose explained in such a way that I could do it. 

This was supposed to be 10K, but my legs were still sore from Friday's workout and my hip was bothering me so I cut my run short and ended up doing 7.5 instead. Followed up with some yoga.

This week, I'm focusing on giving my body a rest before Sunday's race. I have two pre-race runs planned (8km and 5km), some yoga, maybe some Core Synergistics. Staying away from Bob Harper dvd's.