Sunday, April 21, 2013

Spring Half 2013 Training Week 13

Bit late. I should be posting about week 14 soon. I just haven't felt like blogging this week until now.

Monday (April 8th)
Half of P90X Chest & Back , Nike Training Club - Paula Radcliffe workout (mostly legs and core), little bit of yoga.

Tuesday (April 9th)
10km at race pace (or there abouts - bit faster). I spent most of the run staring at my Garmin to keep on pace. Pretty happy cause I ran 10.2km in 1 hr12 and my 10K PR is 1hr13. Things are looking good for Sporting Life! Followed up with a Rodney Yee yoga work out - restorative poses.

Wednesday (April 10th)
5.74km followed by Hip Opening Flow 2.

Thursday (April 11th)
Bob Harper Total Body Transformation. I got this from library and really like it. Bob keeps saying "it's the toughest workout ever!" and it was pretty tough, but I think Insanity beats it. Good mix of cardio and high rep/low weight strength training. Think I might need to buy this one.
Followed up with Lunar Flow after work.

Friday (April 12)
Treadmill run - was supposed to do 6K but I slept in so did 4.9 instead. More Rodney Yee yoga.

Saturday (April 15
Bob Harper Yoga for the Warrior. I'm on a Bob kick for some reason. I've had this DVD for a while, but had never really given it a real chance. I wasn't able to get to a class, so this was a good substitution. Challenging but left me feeling relaxed at the end - exactly what I want from a yoga class.

Sunday (April 14)

Now it's taper time!


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